Butler – CVS

Central Vacuum Systems

Welcome to the Butler central vacuum systems project.

Central vacuum system being quite uncommon in Europe, most Europeans only know and use classic vacuums, this is why Butler strives to satisfy the future European customer as it will become the ideal house companion. Butler is a new brand of central vacuum systems, inspired by the elegance and purity of the authentic butler’s clothing. It is strongly advised to install a c.v.s. during the construction of your house. Its style is based on both the fancy Black & White colors of the Butler, and the flashy Yellow commonly used on construction sites. Created from a crossing between scientifical innovations and high quality material, this new vacuum will ease all your everyday chores.

Easier, Faster, Longer, Stronger and Quieter than every other classic vacuum on the market, Butler’s c.v.s. is the future of modern house cleaning.

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This is a school project, it was created for my last year as a student at the ESIAJ (Belgium).
Models : Julie Kirten and Noémie Collin