ESN – Learn

Have you ever wondered how to make French Ratatouille? Or how to dance Polka? Or wondered about the Romanian folklore?

Then you will definitely be interested to discover the ESN Online Language Support lessons to learn an European language and its culture.


In collaboration with the European Union Erasmus Student Network and Cartoonbase, we were tasked to create dozens of 3-minutes videos, one for each European language.


This project would have been impossible if not for Shabnam Agneessens who took on the hard task to manage and organize it all. And all the Cartoonbase employees and other freelancers who worked on the illustrations and animations: Hugues Charlier for the initial art direction and concept, Juliette Legrand, François Denègre, Carles Gascon, Paula Hricovini, Gilles van de Ven, Ludwig Oskarsson, Tim Roberts, Jérôme Viguet.


If you would like to take those lessons, you can head here.


Below you can see an example of compiled videos from different courses and some behind the scene elements.