Tournée Minérale

The ‘Tournée Minérale’ challenge is a well knwon event in Belgium where participants commit to abstaining from alcohol for the entire month of February each year. This initiative serves as a great opportunity for individuals to reflect on their drinking habits and gain insights into the advantages of reducing alcohol consumption.

In the 2021 campaign with Univers Santé, we underwent a complete rebranding in collaboration with Lara Si (initial art direction), Raphaël Allegro (concept, organization, social), and myself (art direction, animation). The campaign proved to be highly successful, getting significant attention and engagement across social media platforms and television audiences. The challenge resonated well with participants, contributing to its positive reception and impact.


There were four health professionals animated interviews, several social challenges & games during February to keep participants involved, informational posts, posters and physical events. You will find a few examples below.


How about you? Would you be ready to take on a month without alcohol?